Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red couch photos

Instead of making an album on shutterfly with several different picture topics, I made several separate posts with the pictures and explanations of them.  Keep scrolling down; I added 9 posts just now so you may even have to click on "older posts" at the bottom if you missed a day or two because I think it only keeps the 10 most recent posts.
Every adoption group takes the "red couch photos" with their family, kids being adopted and then one of all the families.  We had a big travel group of 7 families so our group couldn't crowd around the couch.  Instead, we took our picture in front of the waterfall in the hotel lobby.

We dressed Claire up in her traditional Chinese dress she picked out in Beijing along with some white shoes we found at a store here in Guangzhou.  She loved being dressed up and she is such a ham!
Today we are packing up all of our bags.  We hit a major snag earlier today when we were told that the 2 checked bags at 50 lbs each was incorrect.  We do get that allowance on the international flight but the flight from here to Beijing is considered domestic and the rules have changed.  They used to consider it as part of the international leg since you leave for an international flight within 24 hours but they no longer do.  All the goodies we've bought here in GZ and the extra suitcase to put them in became a major panic.  We took the suitcase back to the store we bought it at and then rearranged the other three bags.  One carry-on bag contains all the clothes from J's suitcase and weighs over 30 lbs!  But, they don't weigh the carry-ons, only the checked bags so we might squeak by OK.
Our trip home starts at 6am tomorrow morning which is 4pm central time on Thursday afternoon.  We finally land at home around 9pm Friday night so that is a full 29 hours of being in an airplane or airport.  I wish we could just skip all that and I especially wish I could skip starting out the trip in another fish market airplane right after breakfast. 

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