Friday, January 28, 2011


A video to take you through our first year with Claire.

It is unbelievable to me that today marks one full year that we have had Claire as our daughter.  The past year has gone by so incredibly fast compared to the nine months we waited for her.  I initially made this video for Claire; to capture her first year with us, from her first minutes through all of her firsts.  After working on this video for several hours it became therapeutic for me, which I didn't expect and didn't even realize I needed. It brought me back to that initial time one year ago when we were so head over heels in love with a little girl from another country.  Every thing she did was new, or funny, or brilliant.  Somehow that tends to get lost among the teaching to read, sight-word flash cards, math fact practice, numerous "pick up your room," breaking up sister fights, reminding about rude tone when talking, etc. etc. etc.  

Looking back has reminded me that we have been given an incredible gift; a gift straight from the hands of God and we can't mess it up; much in the same way I feel looking back at newborn photos of my first three children.  That feeling of amazement and awe are still there and I will try harder to find them when I'm drained and tired and walk into a bedroom covered with girls' clothes; when I'm knee-deep in sister bickering I will try to approach it with more patience and understanding (although, there are always THOSE days when the patience are gone) and I will try harder on a daily basis to show Claire that she is a gift to us and most certainly not the other way around.

Claire, you are an incredible gift to our family. It is my hope that you will always feel safe, cherished and loved by us, your parents and your siblings.