Saturday, February 6, 2010

The airplane ride

We were at the airport about 1 1/2 hours early yesterday so after getting there we found something for lunch (another meal with chopsticks, go me!) and then found a children's play area to let Claire play while we waited for our boarding time.  She loved the little playground and we also watched her help a little boy was about 2 play on the playground too.  She is quite the little helper and caretaker.
She was very excited for our trip and asked our guide many questions before and after we boarded.  I'm glad she was excited because I was anything but that.  The airplane was loud and vibrated a lot and just plain freaked me out.  Then she needed to potty and wow, wow, wow.  US airlines take much better care of their airplane lavatories!  I nearly lost my lunch in there but held it together and got back to my seat only to start smelling something really gross.  Domestic flights here still serve a hot meal; would you like fish or pork?  Most of the plane chose fish which also had cabbage in it.  I thought I was stuck inside a porta-john at an overly ripe fish market.  I ate my roll just to try and calm my stomach and was so thankful when we landed.
Mid-way through our flight Claire wanted to quiz Catherine (our guide) so she asked her-
"What is colorful and looks like a bridge in the sky?"  A rainbow!
Then she said "Who snores when they sleep?"
Catherine guessed Claire- no, then she guessed mama and Claire replied "No, my OLD daddy!"  Our guide cracked up laughing for so long. 
She is such a funny and smart girl.
Shutterfly isn't working from Guangzhou; they must block different sites down here so I'll email the pictures with each post instead.  I'm also including a picture our hotel in Beijing and our view out the window.  It was never quiet there, the cars and busses were always honking at each other.

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