Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have her!

We woke up early,had breakfast and then went to the orphanage to pick up Claire.  My mind bounced between excitement and worry about how she might react.  They had her waiting in the lobby area when we arrived so we didn't get the initial meeting on camera but we were completely in love with her the moment we saw her.  She was eager to use her English words that she's learned and loved everything we put in the backpack for her.  She really liked the doll and teddy grahams. 
But, while sitting on my lap she finished her teddy grahams and then got quiet, got down from my lap and sat by herself.  She then started crying and didn't stop for the next hour.  She was absolutely mad.  She repeated "I want my grandma" over and over.  She has lived with her foster grandma for years and she just wanted to see her.  She said she doesn't want to leave China.  When told she had new pink boots waiting for her she said she likes blue.  When looking at the pictures of her new bedroom she told the guide she doesn't like dogs.  I could not touch her or hold her hand; she only wanted our guide.
We had to go get our photo taken for the registration and she is mad as heck in the photo.  Every person we encountered just stared at us and it was an awful feeling.  I felt like we had just kidnapped her and I'm sure to other people it appeared that way as well.  We're holding a crying child in the back of a van who is speeding in and out of traffic; not exactly the idea of a happy moment.
She eventually fell asleep on daddy's lap and we ended up coming back to the hotel to get some lunch.  We ordered her favorite- egg fried rice and opened her suitcase to explore all the goodies.  We saw her smile reappear with bubbles and the beach ball.  I have a much better feeling now but I know the journey has just begun. 

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  1. congrats! So glad you finally get to put your arms around your beautiful girl. My prayers will be with you during the transition part. Some say day three is magical. Maybe it'll take longer, but she'll be OK. At least she's showing her emotions and not shutting down emotionally. She'll probably just grieve for awhile. Sorry, I know you've know all this, but it must be hard. ((Hugs))! Christine