Monday, March 3, 2008

Picking an Agency

We have looked at so many different agencies online. We've called or emailed to ask questions, requested their information and then thoroughly looked through it, watched their DVDs and we still have absolutely no idea which would be a better option for us to go with. We have narrowed it down to an agency in the same state we will live in (Holt International) or two China only agencies. (Great Wall or Chinese Children) The fees are relatively similar between the agencies; they vary by about $2,000 but each offers just slightly different services. China's adoption program is so regulated that each agency offers nearly the same services but can tailor it just slightly to their liking.

I haven't received the affidavit to change the spelling on my birth certificate yet. I can't begin to imagine what the wait is going to be like once our dossier is in China if I'm already anticipating the affidavit in the mail after 5 days.

I told J. a couple of days ago that whenever I think about our little Chinese daughter joining our family I see a face and her name is Ally (Alli, Ali, Allie, whatever we decide). If Matthew was a girl we had picked the name Allyson and probably would have called her Ally. Throughout the years I have found a couple other names I like more but anytime I think of a precious black haired, brown eyed Chinese daughter I think of calling her Ally.


  1. Hi Cristy,

    I saw your post on China Adopt Talk Forum (military section), and hopped on over to your blog site. We're military (AF) and currently stationed at Scott AFB. We used CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International) and they were awesome! We've been back from China since Nov 07, and the whole process with CCAI was amazing. They have wonderful in-country reps that will see to your every need while in China. They make the whole journey very easy so you can enjoy your time with your new child. The wait for referral is hard, but CCAI tries very hard to communicate with their families throughout the process. They're truly an A+ agency!

    Good Luck on your journey and your move to MO.

    :) KC

    DD - Katelin, 11/30/07, Guangxi Province

  2. Hi Cristy, I came across you blog on Rumor Queen. We used and are using Small World Adoption for both of our SN adoptions. They are the best! Their fees are very resonable and they are great to work with. You should check them out before you make your decision. I think that they just got a new WC list also. Christy