Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting dizzy

Gosh, I feel like my head is spinning. Who knew picking an agency would be so hard! We've added more to our list, I've scoured message boards and asked for opinions and we're still not any closer to a decision. I think if we were to follow through with a standard healthy child adoption we would have an easier time choosing because there are a couple that come highly recommended. The fact that we are considering a special needs child is what makes the decision much more complicated. We want to make sure we go with an agency that will give us the best service in a special needs adoption. So many with so many differences!

Still waiting on J.'s birth certificates to show up. After we get those we will be holding off on anymore documents. Everything has to be notarized within 6 months of the Chinese consulate receiving it. I really don't want to hand over any unnecessary money to re-do documents because they "expired." Once we choose an agency, move and figure out just exactly we will fund this journey we can start document collecting again.

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