Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today she turned 7

Back in May when we submitted a letter of intent to adopt Claire we never intended that she would still be in China on her birthday, never imagined that she'd still be there by Christmas or even fathomed we'd begin 2010 without our sweet girl snuggled safely in our bed. But, as the paperwork process had proven yet again, this process is cruelly unfair, simply because there aren't any rules or timelines.

But, as life would have it, Claire celebrated her 7th birthday in China this year. Her orphanage will not allow a cake delivery so we can only hope the staff made an effort to make her day a bit more special. Here at home we ordered Chinese food and enjoyed 7 cupcakes in her honor. We made a video singing her happy birthday and making our birthday wishes for her.

And we know that the next birthday Claire celebrates she will be surrounded by a forever family that will be there for every birthday thereafter.

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  1. Happy Birthday Claire! So she's a Sagittarius child like our little boy whose birthday is the 9th. And she is born in the Chinese year of the Horse like our eldest daughter. Prepare for her to be a beautiful independent spirit, expressive and creative. She might not cuddle you much but will occasionally gallop back into your arms to seek your approval and to share her exuberance :)
    I hope you will finally get to experience that soon. I'm checking in frequently to see how your family is coming along. Thinking of you!! Best wishes from Linda in Singapore