Monday, December 14, 2009

Last rung on the ladder

I should be happy, really, I should. We have finally reached the last rung of the TA ladder.
Rung 1: I800 approval
Rung 2: NVC cable of that approval to Guangzhou
Rung 3: Cable and agency paperwork marry and the consulate issues the Article 5 and it is then delivered to the CCAA.
Rung 4: Travel approval

So, we've gotten all the way up to the travel approval, one last step until we book plane tickets to China.
So, why am I not happy like I should be?

Because the process that was moving quite fast has slowed down and of course, I have no control over it. One family with identical stats gets their Article 5 in five days, we waited 19. When our Article 5 should have been at the CCAA last week it was instead delivered today. My hopes of getting our travel approval before Christmas and traveling right after the new year looks just about hopeless. If current trends hold true we will be receiving our travel approval the first or second week of January and our agency told me today that they like to have families travel three weeks later. That puts us into the first week of February.
Chinese New Year is on February 14th this year. Travel is basically non-existent at that time due to skyrocketed airline tickets and everything being closed for 5 days. You can't start or end a trip during those 5 days. You see where this is leading? We couldn't have the end of our trip fall during Chinese New Year, so an early February travel date is just about hopeless as well.

Just another day of deflated hope around here. This too shall pass.


  1. ((HUGS)) I think we are all feeling a bit low. Congrats on receiving your TA!

    Do you think your paperwork not having the correct information slowed your process? I'm wondering if that is the case with us.

  2. Oops, I misread your post. Praying you receive your TA soon!

  3. I hope things start moving miraculously fast - you certainly deserve it!! I hope you can at least get to her before CNY, if you're staying in a half decent hotel you will at least be provided for during those days. Because yes, everything is closed, even here in very developed Singapore where only 70% is Chinese! But you could still spend time and bond with your girl or go for a walk.

    Fingers crossed that your family will finally be united soon :)