Sunday, March 29, 2009

Language School

We have been researching different programs to start learning Mandarin and one day I found a program for the Nintendo DS! Now we can try and learn some basic Mandarin without spending $350 on Rosetta Stone and the kids have created a profile to learn some as well. I'm hoping we will all learn enough Mandarin to communicate with our new girl while she is making her transition to English.
On a side note; we wrote our caseworker about changing the special needs checklist of what we would accept. We originally asked to be matched with a girl, aged 2 to 6. We have now changed our age range to 4 to 6 years old.
Our home study agency has received our completed packet and is in the process of typing every thing into a nice "life story." We will be having our home visit in a week or so and then waiting a few weeks after that to have the completed copy in our hands. Once we have the final home study and approval, things should start moving quickly.

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  1. Hi! Fellow PAP, clicked through to your blog via RQ. Have you tried Pimsleur's Mandarin CDs? They're the best language program my husband and I have found and are available at many public libraries. You can listen to the CDs in the car and have the kids repeat along with you; they're great! And if it makes you feel any better, we tried Rosetta Stone (free access through our library's website) and thought it was awful. Horrible. Not effective at all for us. Good luck!