Friday, March 20, 2009

In the mail

Finally, the home study will be mailed! We had our first visit on February 2nd so all this paperwork took about 6 weeks. A lot of it was done in the first and last two weeks.

Here is what is included in the packet.

*Birth certificates for all family members
*Marriage certificate
*Income tax return
*W-2 forms
*Statement of income difference
*Medical insurance verification
*Photos- immediate family and home
*Driving directions
*Reading agreement (We must read 5 books each)
*Home Study application (14 pages)
*Autobiographies (J- 7 pages, mine- 8 pages)
*Criminal check waiver
*Confirmation of employment
*Reference forms (6)
*School reference form (3)
*Health physicals on all of us
*Preference form (identifying the special needs we would accept)
*Release of information
*Authorization form
*Identifying documentation
*Fee agreement

I forgot to add that some things went directly to our agency. That would include:
*Fingerprinting results
*Child abuse clearances from 5 states and 1 country
*Current state criminal record check
*Federal government criminal record check

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