Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sight Words

Wow, Claire is learning amazingly fast! About a month ago I asked her teacher to send us home a list of sight words for the entire year. I had planned to work with her over the next few months so she knows all 57 kindergarten sight words before starting 1st grade in July. At the rate she is going I'm fairly certain she will know all 57 of them before school is out in 3 weeks.

On the official kindergarten list she knows 39/57. I have also added words to her flash cards that I thought we should work on as well; they include the written word for numbers 1-10 and the word of the most common shapes (circle, triangle, etc.). I printed those off on Monday of this week and she can already tell me what they are without any clues.

She's also taking her known sight words coupled with phonics to read! To say she's blown away any expectations I had for one quarter of school is an understatement.

Here is a picture I took of Claire earlier this week. The cards on the right of the picture are words can recognize by sight; the words on the left were the ones she didn't know that day. She learns so much every day that some of those words have already moved across the table!

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  1. They learn AMAZINGLY fast, don't they??? I love to hear what great progress she's making.
    Oh - and I didn't get around to commenting the other day, but that picture of Claire climbing the Great Wall is priceless!!! Absolutely beautiful and it speaks volumes!