Monday, March 8, 2010

Doggie Love

The first night we arrived home left both of our girls in tears over the same thing- Toby. Toby is the 12 lb. white fluff ball that joined our family about a year and a half ago. Claire was crying because he was here and Emily was crying because she didn't think Claire would ever love him and/or we'd get rid of him. Emily is a huge dog lover so the first few days of Claire rejecting Toby was hard on her.

We had some indication while in China that Claire might be too keen on the idea of having a dog in the house; something about "I don't like dogs" being spouted off in mandarin with a nasty sounding tone gave us that clue. But upon coming home that first night we were met with screams and tears when Toby was released from his crate. The howls continued whenever Toby would come within a few feet of her for the next few days.

Little by little Claire grew to accept that Toby was A. not leaving our house and B. not spending 24 hours a day in his 2x2 foot crate. She will now run up and pet him, give him kisses and let him lay on her; such a change in the short three weeks that she's been home. She loves to give him commands like sit, lay down, or get on your bed. She tells him to go potty when she opens the back door and greets him with a good boy when he comes in. Today she ran to find me and then said "Toby, outside, cat!" and then made the motion of zooming around with her hand. It was easy to figure out that Toby just chased the cat outside!

She is still very afraid of big dogs and I'd guess of any other dog besides Toby but it has been a huge relief and joy to see her accept Toby and learn to love him.

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